One Minute with Scott Billue

One Minute with Scott Billue

Meet Scott Billue

Scott is the Founder of Matthew’s Hope Ministries in West Orange County.  He started the program in 2010 after learning about a homeless tent community in Winter Garden at a time during inclement weather.

Scott Defines The Orlando Life

Matthew’s Hope Ministries

Known for their unique and effective approach to helping people get back on their feet and out of homelessness, Matthew’s Hope is a program that works hand in hand with each individual helping them overcome health related issues, debt, while gaining job skills and more.

There are no handouts at Matthew’s Hope and there is no government funding.  The program is completely run by donors and volunteers along with a small staff.  The homeless (referred to as Guests), check themselves in and are evaluated and given a customized program tailored to their individual needs.

Guests receive weekly counseling, haircuts, showers and clean clothes and are given jobs within the program where they earn points that they can use towards food, toiletries and other necessary items.  Each point is the equivalent of a U.S. Dollar and they are paid according to standard hourly pay.   Guests can use their points to pay off debt, including child support.

Once Guests work their way through the program and are ready for the work place, Matthew’s Hope helps them find jobs.

There is so much more to Matthew’s Hope, including an early childhood Montessori school called The Firm Foundation Preschool as well as Matthew’s Hope Chest, a custom wood working shop providing furniture and decorative pieces.  In 2019, they will also open up a large organic garden that will provide food to local restaurants and the community.  To get involved or to learn more, visit them online  at www.matthewshopeministries.org

Give to Matthew’s Hope

It takes a continuous effort to keep Matthew’s Hope moving forward.  If you are able to give financially or would like to volunteer your time, there is always a need for people like you to play a part.  Please visit them online or call their offices 407-905-9500

The Orlando community benefits great from Scott’s leadership, passion and drive to help the less fortunate and the results of his work has not just helped the homeless, but saved their lives.

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