Ricardo Williams: Uniting Nerds and the Impact of Memes

Ricardo Williams: Uniting Nerds and the Impact of Memes

Originally from Brooklyn NY, Ricardo Williams moved to Florida with his family back when he was in middle school.  He graduated high school here, but headed off to NY where he attended Pace University in downtown Manhattan.  After graduating with a degree in Communication and Media Studies he moved around to a couple other cities but came back to Orlando because he felt there was more of a viable opportunity to create something here.  

Reminding People that Learning is Fun

Ricardo is currently the Host and Program Director for Nerd Nite Orlando, a monthly event that delivers entertaining and educational presentations. His goal is to connect people in the community and remind them that learning is fun.

What is Nerd Nite Orlando?

Nerd Nite launched in 2003 and is currently in more than 100 cities across the globe.  It wasn’t until March 2013 that it arrived in Orlando, but it was started by someone other than Ricardo.  In this video, Ricardo shares the peculiar way he ended up taking it over.  

How Ricardo Became the Host of Nerd Nite Orlando

Anyone who follows Nerd Nite Orlando online will tell you: They are quite possibly the best at delivering a consistent flow of brilliant memes.  While Ricardo doesn’t give away the secrets to where he gets them or if he’s the creator, we did dive into the topic of memes and their importance.    

The Impact of Memes

Ricardo Williams Defines The Orlando Life

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