Meet Chris Chan

Meet Chris Chan

Meet Chris Chan

Growing up in West Orange County, Chris Chan’s family has a rich, deep history in the area.  Chris graduated high school at West Orange High and later from the University of North Florida.  After receiving his Bachelors in Electronics Media and Broadcasting he returned to the West Orange area where he decided to raise his family and stake his ground in Winter Garden.

With a passion for technology and innovation he began his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 with his first company, Think Minion.  Over the course of a few years he would also launch The Change Giving App, We Are Winter Garden, Winter Garden Radio and Minion Media Group.

Think Minion

Chris is the CEO of Think Minion, a digital media production house in Winter Garden focused on filming dynamic and engaging content.  They create this content using the latest in technology trends and with their own unique and effective ways to tell the story of a company’s products and services.

The Change Giving App

Looking for a way to use his talents to help others, Chris developed The Change Giving App.  Available on iOS and Android, users can download the app, choose a charity of their choice, connect their bank account, and whenever a purchase is made, the cost is rounded up to the nearest dollar.  At the end of the month, the spare change collected is donated to the charity selected.  Individuals and non-profits can sign up at www.changegiving.io

We Are Winter Garden

We Are Winter Garden is an online platform focused on promoting all things Winter Garden.  This platform provided an opportunity to advertise Think Minion along with a way to connect and promote local businesses and things to do in the area.

Winter Garden Radio

Spurred from the activity with We Are Winter Garden and a love for music, Winter Garden Radio was launched as a way to stream inspiring and positive music while giving businesses in Winter Garden yet another way to advertise.  Winter Garden Radio is available to download on iOS and Android

Minion Media Group

With so many moving pieces, Minion Media Group offered Chris the opportunity to wrap his services together, but also dive deeper into the overall marketing services he offered.

“With Think Minion we create dynamic videos but I wanted to do much more beyond the production, I wanted to be involved with the execution of how the stories are shared.  With this company we’re able to take production one step further.”

What’s Next?

Walk into Chris’ office in downtown Winter Garden and you’ll quickly realize these guys have a lot of fun with what they do.  Their office is a technology lovers dream.  Gadgets, green screens, toys, and even iconic paraphernalia like the Back to the Future hover board.  But one of the coolest things happening is the launch of their new service division, Minion AR.

Minion AR

Augmented Reality is just getting started and there has been no hesitation from Chris and his team to dive in and provide this technology as a vessel to help others with their marketing platform.

“People are using their cell phones on average 5.5 hours per day.  Minion AR allows us to help companies share their message using the latest technologies on the devices that are already in their hand.”

Minion AR provides digital content that can be brought to life over anything that’s print such as T-shirts, displays, brochures, and merchandise.

Chris Chan and his team are creating immersive content that brands can use to stand out from the competition and tell their story and he’s doing right here in the Orlando area.

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