Meet Danya Shea from FervorWorks

Meet Danya Shea from FervorWorks

Meet Danya Shea

Danya Shea’s passion and energy is contagious and the work she’s doing here in Orlando is helping reshape businesses who are looking to commit to developing strong, deep connections with their specific market segment.

Defining The Orlando Life

The Path to Marketing

As a child, Shea dreamed of growing up and training Killer Whales, but by the time she entered FSU she decided she was going to become a reconstructive surgeon who traveled to 3rd world countries using plastic surgery to help people who were unable to find social opportunities due to their physical deformities.  While attending FSU she became interested and later certified in Yoga, Scuba Diving and in Natural Horsemanship.  This curiosity and thirst for life ultimately caused her to realize she needed far more variety than what a reconstructive surgeon could provide.

She soon found her way working in ministry while doing Real Estate Marketing and Sales on the side.  Time passed and as a single mom, everything changed when she looked her child in his eyes and nothing else mattered but to find a way to provide for both his physical needs and the need for her time and presence in his life.  She made the comittment to having a work life that allowed her to continue to be a full-time mom.

Falling back on the option of Pre-Med she started her research online and stumbled upon a banner ad from Full Sail University.  It read:

“Marketing is now a two way conversation between brand and consumer.”

For the next week, that small line of text ignited thoughts and ideas around the power of digital communications and the internet.  She became one of the first 100 students to enroll at Full Sail’s Internet Marketing Bachelors program, and in 9 months she was tutoring small businesses on social media. (2009)

By 2014, Shea began collaborating on freelancing work with her now business partner, Bryan Noel.  She met Bryan after a friend discovered his Atlanta based company through an online search.  Out of respect for what they were doing and how their businesses aligned with the new value system in the economy, she reached out and offered her services in Content Marketing Strategies, Digital Measurement Models, Integrated Marketing Strategies and Tech Project Management.  Within 2 weeks Bryan flew her out to Atlanta to meet.

Over the next year, Shea worked together with Bryan helping companies grow their marketing strategy but found themselves doing the same thing over and over, just with different companies.  They quickly grew tired of the businesses dependent model of consulting and began to investigate how they could productize what they do and create a framework that in turn could be taught to others, especially corporate leadership teams.  The idea was to create something that would constantly work themselves out of a job.

Researching the Business Model

Shea began researching Organizational Change, Organizational Psychology, along with Growth and Business Strategies.  She discovered that if they could teach leadership teams to start systematically leveraging empathy before they started working on their marketing plans, HR & culture work, then the tactics for those things became very clear and simple, and the results, consistent.

Launching FervorWorks

In 2015, after a year of freelancing and research Shea launched FervorWorks with Bryan.

The FervorWorks business model is on training over consulting.  Their mission is to help their clients deep dive into truly understanding their target audience through Business Empathy.

Steps to Implementing Business Empathy

“Business Empathy is the ability to understand another’s wants or needs and articulate it, with the motivation to increase their joy within the realm of your unique genius and capacity.”

The process of decision making with consumers has changed dramatically over the years with technology making it simple to engage and connect with brands that fit their interests.  This has resulted in companies having to look much deeper into their brands approach and how they understand and interact with their target audience.  Much like human relationship, it’s what is on the inside that counts.  When the overall character of a brand is healthy and committed to deeply understanding their audience and how they fit into their needs, marketing becomes a successful by-product of this character.

Shea serves on the Board with Orlando Entrepreneurs and is involved in the Girl Scouts of Citrus organization.  To connect with her and learn more about FervorWorks and their Business Empathy Model, visit them online at fervorworks.com

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